About us

About us

The Steinberg brand

a homage to your lifestyle

For more than 18 years Steinberg have been offering products out of the ordinary to better express your individuality. The Steinberg brand enables you to make a personal statement also in bathroom and spa, for they are part of the integrated living concept—a homage to your individual lifestyle. Uniform and ordinary designs make it hard to express your individual lifestyle, however, which is why we at Steinberg focus on our designs being individual, fresh and all other than conventional. This has been our basic principle from the very beginning—and still is.


Sustainability has many facets, and for us it's not just an empty word: From the very beginning of our business we systematically aim at the sustainable and respectful handling of resources.

This already begins in developing our top-quality durable products, and ends with choosing environmentally friendly packaging. High-grade materials are the key to our faucets' longevity. This is why we use fresh water compliant, high-grade, recyclable and therefore eco-friendly brass in all our faucets.

Why Steinberg?

Our products are to inspire you to express your personality also in the bathroom, freeing it from being just a utilitarian facility. Our designs, with all their individuality, are made to feature timeless contours, and also traditional elements have been considered in the drafts. This is what keeps Steinberg products up-to-date for long.

Made in Germany

for over 18 years

STEINBERG was founded in 2002 and has been manufacturing faucets, rain showers and bathroom accessories for over 18 years. Both national and international sales are effected via three-level distribution channels. Steinberg's faucet creations have already won numerous design awards; apart from their in-house designs, Steinberg now and again commission renowned product designers such as Jochen Schmiddem and Michael Schneider to develop new design idioms.

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Steinberg Vietnam - A vision becoming true

MS. LINH DOAN - Managing Director

Steinberg Vietnam was created under the supervision of Ms. Linh Doan, which with her high energy, dynamic and positive appearance is bringing Steinberg design mixers to Vietnam.
Steinberg Vietnam is connected to Steinberg Germany, leading the whole market in Vietnam by Ms. Linh Doan with the commitment to contribute to local sustainable development.